Fishing Runs in the Family

It’s all about family at Tom’s..

family holding sockeye salmon on beach
boy and man holding filet
plane in motion

Our brand owes its origins to the wild idea Tom’s folks had 30 years ago to head to the rugged coasts of Alaska. A decorated war veteran, airline pilot, farmer, and an all-around hard worker, Tom’s dad ended up hauling freshly caught salmon for hire in a small bush plane from the remote West Side of breathtaking Bristol Bay.

Dropped into this exciting and beautiful place, Tom (then 13) immediately became interested in the excitement and challenges of commercial salmon fishing, and that following year he began running a small commercial set-net operation while mom kept the crew fed and dad kept their pristine product moving to the local processors – one overloaded 15-minute flight at a time.

If you aren’t familiar, Bristol Bay has the most productive and sustainable salmon fisheries in the world thanks to its remoteness and long history of responsible resource management. Often called “America’s Fish Basket”, Bristol Bay offers salmon that is a superior choice ecologically, nutritiously and with unmatched flavor and a striking ruby red presentation.

Now, three decades later, Tom looks forward to heading out to Bristol Bay every summer to haul in the most premium wild Sockeye for his friends, family and now you to enjoy!

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